«Elevrådet»: Første møte
P3LIVE: dePresno - «Church»
P3LIVE: Ruben - «Running»
P3LIVE: Aiba - «Narnia»
P3LIVE: ISÁK - «Ain Du»
Robert Male
Robert Male 15 timmar sedan
Lina Steilland
Lina Steilland 16 timmar sedan
Tix - mer akustisk fra dæ!!
Alvaro Duran
Alvaro Duran 19 timmar sedan
I’ll have what she’s having... a tall glass of “Oh Hell yeah”
s3xf0u. 20 timmar sedan
боже как вайбово омгомг
Mia Guerin
Mia Guerin 21 timme sedan
I just... could this have changed the way I looked at the song? yes. I LOVE IT!!!! She made it her own and I. JUST. LOVE. IT!
UcanEAT thePnuts
UcanEAT thePnuts 21 timme sedan
damn, masterful subtlety
Ville Sundqvist
Ville Sundqvist 22 timmar sedan
mariczka 23 timmar sedan
Jacquier Odessa
Jacquier Odessa Dag sedan
This would be my funerals music
Calyx Montelukast
Calyx Montelukast Dag sedan
This had changed my life. I keep on coming back to this video.
haerfina Dag sedan
is she from another world? I mean so angelic
Dag Dybdahl
Dag Dybdahl Dag sedan
Hun er så flink 🤩🤩
Mikhaela Bianca Gonzales
Mikhaela Bianca Gonzales Dag sedan
SVfrom just recommended this today...and yes I did not regret that I clicked this video-
Megs Hein
Megs Hein Dag sedan
I just can’t get behind the nuh nuh nuh nuh part but the rest is dope
Anne Brit Raaen
Anne Brit Raaen 21 timme sedan
Neither can Aurora - she don't utter filth.
Aljun Batulan
Aljun Batulan Dag sedan
The back ups did an amazing job
Kevin Svetlich
Kevin Svetlich Dag sedan
rei Dag sedan
just legend just classic aurora :DD
Salome Kvaratskhelia
Salome Kvaratskhelia Dag sedan
Love this 💞
rei Dag sedan
Eyes Open
Eyes Open Dag sedan
I feel every word but understand none ,all words of sound mean the same
Eyes Open
Eyes Open Dag sedan
Eyes Open
Eyes Open Dag sedan
Thank y 👀🙏
Nilanthi DM
Nilanthi DM Dag sedan
*Twerking in my room cause of Aurora's angelic voice*
Petter Kr. Wiik
Petter Kr. Wiik Dag sedan
Live-duoen Norge trengte
DoodleBob DaWae
DoodleBob DaWae 2 dagar sedan
From Imagine Dragons to Imagine Divinity
mE and MiLO
mE and MiLO 2 dagar sedan
This reminds me of "so this is love" from Cinderella
Mango Seed
Mango Seed 2 dagar sedan
Novemberrr 2 dagar sedan
Det var så cringe at det ble litt bra
Snake 2 dagar sedan
I don't think you understand IM OBSSED
杜秋卓 2 dagar sedan
Veldig nydelig!
Akshay Saju
Akshay Saju 2 dagar sedan
Aurora is the LIFE....that flows and never ends❤️❤️...........
De Frigjorte
De Frigjorte 2 dagar sedan
Fedt fedt fedt!
ririn Sumiasih
ririn Sumiasih 2 dagar sedan
Be Happy
Be Happy 2 dagar sedan
I love this version so so much
Noah Johansen
Noah Johansen 2 dagar sedan
ilaah 2 dagar sedan
Spotify vær så snill!
Mmina Maclang
Mmina Maclang 2 dagar sedan
But Aurora said she doesn't like Ariana's music so...
Terry Nation
Terry Nation 23 timmar sedan
NRK P3 is a Norwegian radio station that invites artists in to do an interview and play a couple of their songs. When they arrive, they are given a song and asked to do a cover. The artist has less than an hour to work out an arrangement, practice a few times and then perform it live on the radio. Given that they had no choice in the song and with that time constraint, I think they did an amazing job. If Aurora isn't too keen on the song then even more so.
whatismoisty Dag sedan
They don't decide the songs tho, so it's like a little challenge for the artists lol
Leo D
Leo D Dag sedan
Not true , she said she didn't like the snare in the song... watch the video Jam not jam
Justin John Cedillo
Justin John Cedillo 2 dagar sedan
no one: me: yUh
Blue Eyed Georgia Peach
Blue Eyed Georgia Peach 2 dagar sedan
This is an emotionally painful song for me but my Lord, this is a hauntingly beautiful performance.💯❤️
Ashiba Ngullie
Ashiba Ngullie 2 dagar sedan
Too good 😍😍
Robert Male
Robert Male 2 dagar sedan
Itz_treatzTx / Rui-Sensei
Itz_treatzTx / Rui-Sensei 2 dagar sedan
Lmao the subtitles Be like: 0:30*good ole dancinnnnnnn*💃 0:49*epic guitar music* 🎸 2:00*MORE EPIC GUITAR MUSIC* 3:26*(AND HER NAME IS......)*
Noah Johansen
Noah Johansen 2 dagar sedan
<3 <3
Myshka Bladie
Myshka Bladie 2 dagar sedan
What planet did you come from? 🥺🤯This is unreal! ❤️❤️❤️
Ole-Petter Ålgård
Ole-Petter Ålgård 2 dagar sedan
Minna Werner
Minna Werner 2 dagar sedan
Hej! Jag kommer från tyskland och min svenska är inte så god.. haha men jag älskar den song (or songen.. Jag vet inte hur man säger det haha)
Ole-Petter Ålgård
Ole-Petter Ålgård 2 dagar sedan
<3 <3 <3
melisa 2 dagar sedan
her seyi o kadar güzellestiriyor ki
John Paul Tabilog
John Paul Tabilog 2 dagar sedan
She doesn't even put an effort.
AS W 2 dagar sedan
the robotic echo wasted the song...too bad
N m N
N m N 2 dagar sedan
1:55 I'll just leave it here...
ya dode
ya dode 2 dagar sedan
mahya akbari jalalvand
mahya akbari jalalvand 3 dagar sedan
it seems like she lives in her music and the song she is singing
Przemysław Krygier
Przemysław Krygier 3 dagar sedan
Absolute awesome. So natural voices, so cool to sing. Iam Impressed
Prashant Tiwari
Prashant Tiwari 3 dagar sedan
Someday this will be used in a Movie or a Show
zulis l
zulis l 3 dagar sedan
WOW. its 2021 and I'm just seeing this...
Naufal Laksa Ladonia
Naufal Laksa Ladonia 3 dagar sedan
Dat blink 182 shirt tho
Maud 3 dagar sedan
<3 <3 <3 <3
Blackpink Fever
Blackpink Fever 3 dagar sedan
My gay tention is increasing cause I'm listening it in fron of my parents-
Rafal Kucinski
Rafal Kucinski 3 dagar sedan
i am sorry 4 ppl who abuse others or nature and biber isnt nice ;)
Rafal Kucinski
Rafal Kucinski 3 dagar sedan
dont spook
Rafal Kucinski
Rafal Kucinski 3 dagar sedan
no body is perfect
jessie peake
jessie peake 3 dagar sedan
Everyone: recognizing her from frozen 2 Me: recognizing her from.half the word away (john Lewis advert)
Lena Myhre
Lena Myhre 3 dagar sedan
Orginalen er mye bedre
Rimmslim Y
Rimmslim Y 3 dagar sedan
Det her e faktisk fortyllandes bra
Amina tar
Amina tar 3 dagar sedan
if i ever imagined a goddess sing she is the one ! sets my soul in total silence
nlilja 3 dagar sedan
Her initial expectation probably was right, that being a god's woman has mysterious powers.. which actually meant nothing happened.
Ngwu Ikechukwu
Ngwu Ikechukwu 3 dagar sedan
I keep coming back here? Why? I know why though
Maryam Abaspoor
Maryam Abaspoor 3 dagar sedan
111linwear. 3 dagar sedan
Jente Charlotte
Jente Charlotte 3 dagar sedan
Chris Helliwell
Chris Helliwell 3 dagar sedan
Great to see you together with Odd Martin again x
I'm not Jesy
I'm not Jesy 4 dagar sedan
Remember when she hates Side To Side Beat? 😭😭 Glad she liked God Is A Woman
Brand75 3 dagar sedan
Aurora had no idea which song she (and her musicians) were going to cover. They were just given a song, and had under one hour to prepare. But honestly, Aurora never said she hated "Side To Side", she just didn't particularly like that song. But as a music lover myself, it would surprise me a lot if she listened to or enjoyed Ariana Grande much.. sorry 💜
Lisa Cruz
Lisa Cruz 4 dagar sedan
Even jack sparrow cant stop himselfvfrom sailing to the mysteriously beautiful siren
Elvis Playz BSP
Elvis Playz BSP 4 dagar sedan
Jeg syns: Astrid+ Victor= ❤️ 4ever
Elvis Playz BSP
Elvis Playz BSP 4 dagar sedan
Nydelig sammen! Burde bli spilt inn på Spotify! Kan dere få til det? 🙏❤️
Popcorn 4 dagar sedan
Me, an enby: Is it okay that I like Girl in Red 😂
Trond Kleppen
Trond Kleppen 4 dagar sedan
Rett og slett nydeleg !!
BrokenChinRest 4 dagar sedan
I mean, she inspired Billie and every time I listen to Aurora I got goosebumps.