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P3LIVE: Aiba - «Narnia»
2 månader sedan
My life My Rules
My life My Rules 12 timmar sedan
Norge er et jungel samfunn... De som har alt.... får mer... De som har ingenting...får mindre eller ingenting.... Norgestan land of the Mobil sosial ordningen... Er du dyr mobil...får du alt.. Er du billig mobil... får du ingenting...
Blaise Koller
Blaise Koller 13 timmar sedan
How have I never seen this omg 😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😢😢😢😍😍😍
Varsharani Karle
Varsharani Karle 13 timmar sedan
I am feeling like I am in ocean depth....
ma gurl Pansy Parkinson
ma gurl Pansy Parkinson 15 timmar sedan
I've been singing "Oh hell no" MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE AND MY FRIEND RECENTLY SAID THAT IT'S ACTUALLY "OH HANNAH" I should've googled the lyrics at some point.
Surkozy 16 timmar sedan
Hey... can we make out furiously on girl in red concert ahah... 👉👈 I mean if you want to!
maria leonor
maria leonor 17 timmar sedan
Why I'm having a goosebumps. It's so mysterious and soooo magical
Slowed and Reverbed
Slowed and Reverbed 18 timmar sedan
She's got the voice of an angel 😍😍😍
Camille 18 timmar sedan
I have appreciated the song more with this kind of rendition 💗
djoara omar
djoara omar 19 timmar sedan
Jeg elsker sangen din Lion King
djoara omar
djoara omar 19 timmar sedan
Ugga bugga
sheeba cherian
sheeba cherian 20 timmar sedan
Her voice is so magical 😍 Like a fairy perhaps idk
Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan 21 timme sedan
She looks like Young Lisa Kudro
Ntu2ko Navy
Ntu2ko Navy 21 timme sedan
One of the best covers I've ever heard
Thomas Ottmar Steingruber
Thomas Ottmar Steingruber 22 timmar sedan
Love this song...got to notice that song as Soundtrack from the german lgbtq-Series „All you need“...propably the best german series ever with the best soundtrack
Abishek J
Abishek J 23 timmar sedan
Aurora makes everything beautiful on her way..... ❤️
Sophia bayarjargal
Sophia bayarjargal Dag sedan
I loge how Siljas voice is friends with Auroras
Gunti Yadav
Gunti Yadav Dag sedan
Her voice is a clear crystal
Lill Forsland
Lill Forsland Dag sedan
Gabriel orcino
Gabriel orcino Dag sedan
Tem algum brasileiro ouvindo esse clássico maravilhoso ♥️😍🇧🇷
Zygmunt Szpadyzor
Zygmunt Szpadyzor Dag sedan
sztos !
WanZeng New
WanZeng New Dag sedan
Astrid's voice is so so good🔥. Beautiful rendition👍👌. Love❤ from India.
Leah Rowden
Leah Rowden Dag sedan
Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Silje!!!!!!!!!! Hva i all verden gjør hun der?!?!?!?!? Hvorfor snakker hun ikke trøndersk?! Hun er fra Trondhjem!
Thomas Bjor
Thomas Bjor Dag sedan
What a performance!!!
Westcost Sweden
Westcost Sweden Dag sedan
Wow! Bra cover👍👌
Rafal Kucinski
Rafal Kucinski Dag sedan
this covid -thats bolocks
Jacob Penna
Jacob Penna Dag sedan
Raise your hand if you could listen to Aurora ooo & aaa for hours on end! 🙋🏼‍♂️
penalitaful Dag sedan
Kan ikke denne komme på Spotify ???
Reeve Dalauta
Reeve Dalauta Dag sedan
God is indeed a woman, and it's AURORA. She is the embodiment of all that is mystical and beautiful❤
- Solberg
- Solberg Dag sedan
Imesh Sandaru
Imesh Sandaru Dag sedan
Vinu Kumar
Vinu Kumar Dag sedan
it was only you who loved the heart
Rafal Kucinski
Rafal Kucinski 2 dagar sedan
I drunl all kind of absent :p
Rafal Kucinski
Rafal Kucinski 2 dagar sedan
Is given
Rafal Kucinski
Rafal Kucinski 2 dagar sedan
Greetings from us 2 u :)
Joss 2 dagar sedan
I cried so hard
Merce 2 dagar sedan
I wish I could die while listening to this, I'd go in peace
lala silva
lala silva 2 dagar sedan
this voice...... 💕😍
rykkjo 2 dagar sedan
Highasakite fan men her må jeg si jeg ble meget imponert over Bergan. Dette er ingen enkel sang å synge da den går over to oktaver.
Victor Morving
Victor Morving 2 dagar sedan
Purple Rain Purple Rain... Prince progression.. Not to take anything away from Emilie Nicolas.. I love her music... just pointing out that the guitar sounds amazing..
Dennis Rovik
Dennis Rovik 2 dagar sedan
Skam ≈ among us
Ist cain Drengen
Ist cain Drengen 2 dagar sedan
Alissa Parish
Alissa Parish 2 dagar sedan
in love
Hauken Hartveit
Hauken Hartveit 2 dagar sedan
Go magnar jr
Luiza Buzato
Luiza Buzato 2 dagar sedan
unpopular opinion: this version is a thousand times better than the original.
Fox ash
Fox ash 2 dagar sedan
•FNX Hannah evergarden•
•FNX Hannah evergarden• 2 dagar sedan
My Name is Hannah 😀
Alejandra Arboleda Arboleda
Alejandra Arboleda Arboleda 3 dagar sedan
It's sound so different, I love it
Jack Ludgate-Dwyer
Jack Ludgate-Dwyer 3 dagar sedan
She's wearing the same top as in her Frozen 2 video! (I promise I'm not a stalker, i just came from that video and this was recommended to watch next lol)
Itshardtobeoriginalinthislife 2 dagar sedan
o k . 👁️👄👁️👌
EisteeWOB 3 dagar sedan
This Song by The Weeknd = 10/10 This Song by Girl in Red = 11/10
Duly Noted
Duly Noted 3 dagar sedan
I always grin with delight when I stumble across another hidden Aurora treasure. Oh my. How many others are on YT I wonder? And I couldn't help but immediately think of "In Boxes" lol....
Duly Noted
Duly Noted 3 dagar sedan
Wow, wow and wow! Thank you Sigrid! :-)
Mirosław Malec
Mirosław Malec 3 dagar sedan
I'd love to hear her cover of a Kate Bush song. "In a warm room" for instance
Cey The Sith Lordess
Cey The Sith Lordess 3 dagar sedan
Only here for Morten 😂
kilikyalı 3 dagar sedan
Better than original verse
Jemillish Marak
Jemillish Marak 3 dagar sedan
❄❄☃️☃️🌊she gives me winter rain snow vibes
Jemillish Marak
Jemillish Marak 3 dagar sedan
She gives me winter vibes
VERSUS 3 dagar sedan
I love this song so much. Love DePresno's baritone always. 💙💙💙💙💙
Nadia James
Nadia James 3 dagar sedan
Her voice is so prefect its like pure diamonds
Gulmira Karataş
Gulmira Karataş 3 dagar sedan
Girl Down Under
Girl Down Under 3 dagar sedan
I am dreaming please don't wake me
shqdox free fn btw
shqdox free fn btw 3 dagar sedan
M L 3 dagar sedan
God is literally singing this💕🔥
Kav604 4 dagar sedan
Unreal. UNREAL.
Harrison Curran
Harrison Curran 4 dagar sedan
Is it bad I prefer this over the original?
Ellie Elle
Ellie Elle 4 dagar sedan
Okay but can we please not shame Ariana for being sexual in her song. Worshipping the divine feminine also includes allowing women to be sexual beings without shaming them. Both ways of singing the song are beautiful regardless if it is sexual.
Leo D
Leo D 3 dagar sedan
Being sexual is entirely up to everyone but I prefer ladies to be sensual. The sexual, performance and text should not be shown on videos nor lyrics. Looks like she's locked into the music industry's need to make as much money as possible on an artist before the artist burns out. Like so many other female American singers, she is 'forced' to showi her sexuality in order to remain famous and, of course, to make money. In my head she is a sellout and it's a shame because she has a good voice and does not need sexuality to sell her music.
Nyshawn10k 4 dagar sedan
Her voice is so pure, quite angelic
Chris Hervig
Chris Hervig 4 dagar sedan
Utrolig bra låt og fremføring, men jeg kan ikke noe for å irritere meg litt over han sitter til venstre for henne. Burde vært filmet fra motsatt side, så Norge er til venstre for Sverige.
Sara Gonzalez
Sara Gonzalez 4 dagar sedan
Maravillosa 💫💖
Whitey Fisk
Whitey Fisk 4 dagar sedan
Hi! Im Aurora and Im a musician. I sometimes do livestreams in my bedroom on TikTok as part of gaining attention for the upcoming release of my new album. I welcome everybody, all across the world! With the exception of racist, homophobes, and so on. I'm open minded, but don't won't to be around people that have a different worldview than me, and I don't want to hear it. So please don't join me and say hurtful things the next time I do a performance.
Morgana Porter Way
Morgana Porter Way 4 dagar sedan
Amo como ama su música...como la siente hasta lo más hondo de su alma y de sus sentidos 💗💗💗🥰🥰🥰
Raix ei
Raix ei 4 dagar sedan
كيف اصارحكم اني اسمعه وانا انظف غرفتي واسوي ماسكاتت😵‍💫🦾
Troy Juice
Troy Juice 4 dagar sedan
De ble sammen etter
z̃̾éz̃̾σ̃̾ Q̃̾σ̃̾éи̃̾
z̃̾éz̃̾σ̃̾ Q̃̾σ̃̾éи̃̾ 4 dagar sedan
i like her voice but god isnot a woman
Leo D
Leo D 4 dagar sedan
how do you know god isn't a woman ? who is 'his' wife? If 'he' is our father 'he' has done a terrible job bringing us up
Warrior Queen
Warrior Queen 4 dagar sedan
Inam Manqina
Inam Manqina 4 dagar sedan
TikTok was the reason I discovered her and I have no regrets😌
Sal 4 dagar sedan
She sounds like that vocalist from Glass Animals
irem x
irem x 4 dagar sedan
I keep coming back here... her voice is so angelic, I can forget about the world for some minutes
Louise Ho
Louise Ho 4 dagar sedan
wow this is beautiful
pokona 5 dagar sedan
shes mysterious, she sounds as though shes the witch in hocus pocus that sings to lead people in her grasps, in a mysterious way.
모간글렌 5 dagar sedan
Thank yu~!!
issa2350 issa2350
issa2350 issa2350 5 dagar sedan
Girl in red: I DoNt WaNnA Be YoUr FrIeNd I wAnNa Be YoUr BitCh *aggresevly*
issa2350 issa2350
issa2350 issa2350 5 dagar sedan
*secretly adds this to my lesbian playlist *